Holiday Jams Are Meant For Spreading….The Joy of the Season

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Christmas Sheet Music

Great songs for the season!

It’s the week before Christmas. What better way to celebrate than with some holiday sheet music? Or give it away as a gift! We have a deal going on right now that is pretty sweet. All our Christmas sheet music is 25% off!!

We have Michael Buble Christmas tunes, Chrstmas songs with a bluesy twist, and holiday sheet music for all skill levels.  We even have a book entitled, The Hilarious Holiday Songbook. That could be fun, especially when you bust out the tune “Nut Rocker.” How on earth does that song go? It’s probably hilarious.

Stop in the store and grab this great deal soon! What’s Christmas without some jolly singing around a piano or guitar with the people you love?

Stay Current With the Folks at Flatts and Sharpe

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Click on the image of our calendar to check out schedules.

Ever wonder when student band practice is and how they’re doing? We know you do because we get phone calls every week. Guess what? We’ve made another thing in life a little more simple for you. Our website has a calendar, keeping you up to date with student band practice times. Just go to our Event tab and click on Event Calendar from the drop down menu.

Also, under our Event tab on our website, we are constantly putting up videos of the student band practices. Click the pic above to be taken to see the kids in the picture play American Girl with instructor Brian Koehler. Or, if you’re already at our website, under the Events tab, go to the Video Gallery page. Also, feel free to drop on into band practice at any time to have a listen first hand.

Running into a rut with your weekly night life? Don’t keep going to the same bars and clubs and explore this city’s wonderful live music scene. We keep our calendar current with various gigs by our talented staff. Don’t forget that Joe St. Charles has a performance with his group Khecari, The Clinking, next Thursday and Friday, December 15 and 16! It’s at Hamlin Park Field House at 3035 N. Hoyne. Show starts at 8 PM.  Tickets are $18 for general and $12 for low income.

New Parking at Flatts and Sharpe!

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New loading zone just for you located on the red line in the pic!


We have some great news for you parents!  Now, we have a designated loading zone for you to pick up and drop of your children at music lessons. It’s located on the northside of Columbia from the alley to Sheridan.  Columbia is the street just south of our store (So you would be parked, facing Sheridan).

Now, all you have to do is put on your hazzards on as you lock up your car and drop off and pick up your kids. We’ve helped make it a little more simple for you, since we know how obnoxious the street parking laws can be during our peak hours of music lessons.

Gift Ideas for the Musicians in Your Life. Shop Locally.

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No need to buy a guitar for a musician this holiday season. You'll make them happy with a guitar stand!

Some people start the holiday season right after Halloween. Some refuse to listen to a Christmas tune until the week before. Bah humbug. Well, whether you like it or not, the time of year of gift giving is fast approaching. If you come from a musical family or have musician friends, we are the perfect place to find a thoughtful gift, that’s also not going to cost you the farm.

Our gift idea for a musician on your list: a music stand or an instrument stand. A musician can’t have enough. One for their home, one for their gigs, another for their rehearsal space. It’s thoughtful, practical, and a musician will really appreciate it. And you’re not spending a lot on one person.

We have plenty at the Flatts and Sharpe. Plus, you’re shopping local. You’ll be helping to support neighborhood shops during this upcoming holiday season.

Stop on in some time soon and maybe you’ll be inspired for more gift ideas!

It’s the Time of the Season for Loving (Your Instrument)

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Legendary bassist John Paul Jones did an amazing interview with Elixer and talks about their quality strings that we carry.

We’re approaching that time of year. You know, the time of year when you don’t want to leave your house because you fear frost bite and wind burn. Walking down the side walk feels like walking through the tundra. Some people take advantage of this time of year and have fun, strapping on a snowboard or slicing through the fresh pow on a pair of skis.

But, we live in Chicago. The nearest ski resorts are hours away. We need to get creative during this time of year. That’s probably why Chicago has such a diverse and talented music scene. During these cold months, musicians hunker down with their instruments and really hone their craft.

So, dust off your old guitar and get some new strings. We have a wide selection at Flatts and Sharpe. Elixer brand is amazing and high quality. Recently, D,Addario upright string/double bass strings have been added to our inventory. Electric or acoustic, single strings, ukulele, even unusual instruments, we have the strings that you need, varying in quality and price.

Don’t like to put on your own strings or don’t have time? Our repair staff will do it for you for only $10 while you look at sheet music. How convenient!

Our Percussion Students Have a Blast

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The DesRobert family’s kids are taking drum lessons here at Flatts and Sharpe with Joe St. Charles. But, let’s not forget. Joe isn’t just a drummer, he’s a percussionist. He wrote the beats these kids are reading, as they count out and create a multidimensional sound, utilizing basically anything they can get their hands on. They’re on claves and kick drum, silver goblets attached to woodblock, and pots and pans. Did we mention they’re also adorable?

And let’s not forget that Joe St. Charles has a wonderful project that needs funding. A few people have already backed up his kickstarter campaign, but more funds are gladly welcomed! Check out his kickstarter page and take a gander at what each dollar amount will get you. If you donate just $75.00, you not only are a bona fide generous person, you’re a yoga student. You get five free yoga classes in Rogers Park. That’s a deal!

Click here to learn how you can help out!

The Kids at Flatts and Sharpe Know How to Get Down!

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kids band

Watch this! It's entertaining.

At the beginning of October, all of the kids in our music lessons were grouped together and began to rehearse for the rock show in December. The instructors told us the kids were having a blast and were really doing well with lessons and band practice. But, we had to see for ourself.

Owner Chris Bell snuck into a band rehearsal to see how the kids music lessons at Flatts and Sharpe were really progressing. She recorded a video and we like what we see. We like it so much, we wanted to share with all of you! Turns out, these kids aren’t just practicing their musical notes, they’re practicing their sweet rockstar moves!  We’re talking, get down on the floor, Jimi Hendrix-esc moves.

…Well, as best as kids can do.  You’ll see. Go to our website to watch the video and to have some awesome entertainment!

They don’t have a name for their band, but they DO have all the right moves!